Why Do Addicts End Up Hurting Their Families?

Our country is in the middle of a drug epidemic that’s claiming hundreds of lives each day.  There becomes a new norm when a person in the family is grappling with addiction. Typically, when a family member has an issue, the family can get together in attempt to help that person get through hard times. However with addiction, it may not be that simple. Why? Because addiction and family dysfunction often goes hand in hand. There is no one way to deal with an addict and because we love that person, sometimes what is best for them may not seem to be. The more help your family provides, it seems like the deeper the addict goes into their addiction. The more you create an environment of love and support, the more the addict lies and manipulates friends and family. The addict is aware that what they are doing is not right but even still cannot escape the urge to get high. By the time they realize what is happening, they are physically and psychologically addicted to the high. Now they have to choose their family or their drug. In most cases, the drug will win.

An addict may not intend on hurting family. But in order to keep getting high they have no choice. Their internal struggle soon gets diluted in their high and, in time, hurting their family just becomes part of the process of getting what they need; drugs.

By Whitney Watkins 

Image Credit: Hubpages