From the time most woman are little girls they dream of meeting their Prince charming.  This dream ultimately leads to thinking of their Wedding Day and that “oh so important Wedding Dress”.  First the bride to be, will have to figure out what kind of dress she likes, then hunt for that particular store that […] Read more »

Growing Pains of Womanhood

Becoming a woman of influence is a critical part of growing up. Even more, it becomes intensively important when one decides to have a family. More often than not, woman are pressured to uphold a higher standard of living, but not men. Despite what society has to say and ignoring the critics with testosterone, woman […] Read more »

Breast Cancer And The Importance Of Self Advocacy

It’s important to talk about the importance of taking an active role as a member of your cancer care team. Understanding your breast cancer and communicating well with your doctor is one step towards taking this active role. Being your own advocate in your medical care is perhaps the most important thing you can do […] Read more »

Why Do Addicts End Up Hurting Their Families?

Our country is in the middle of a drug epidemic that’s claiming hundreds of lives each day.  There becomes a new norm when a person in the family is grappling with addiction. Typically, when a family member has an issue, the family can get together in attempt to help that person get through hard times. […] Read more »

Hurricane Season

Although hurricane season can be a disaster for many families, there are ways to prepare ahead of time for survival. When a hurricane strikes, you will not have access to any of the items that you will need to survive. This is why it is critical to prepare a few months ahead of time for […] Read more »

Coffee a Day….

Coffee is not only a great way to wake you up, it can actually improve your memory, and help make you smarter. There are chemicals in coffee that increases the norepinephrine, which improves your brain’s function. Coffee drinkers are not known to be “morning people”, hence why coffee is a necessity in the first place. […] Read more »

How to encourage healthy eating in your child

  As I like to say, “A family that eats together stays together”. This is a major tactic that can be used to get your kids eating healthier meals. It is one thing to constantly reinforce good habits, but it’s totally different when one chooses to lead by example. Another way to encourage health eating […] Read more »

How to Battle the Summer Camp Blues

It’s that time of year again. Fresh, blooming flowers… bonfires and cookouts galore… But why is it that amongst this warm, summer heat, us parents still feel a sense of the sad, December chills? The answer is two words: summer camp. Now, let me backtrack and mention that I’m specifically referring to the newbie parents. […] Read more »

Reality TV is Affecting Our Reality

As I scroll through my Snapchat during my break at work, I cannot help but to watch Kylie Jenner’s snap story. Not so much for the pictures of her freshly, delivered pizza or her new nail color- because that’s not out of the ordinary for anyone. Instead I’m intrigued by the lavish cars, designer clothes, […] Read more »

NFL Draft 2017

From April 22nd-29th, 2017, many deserving athletes’ dreams became reality. The NFL Draft is a significant time for athletes everywhere, but most importantly, for those at the collegiate level. These young men have dedicated most of their young lives to be able to stand at the podium, and be inducted into a professional franchise. The 2017 NFL […] Read more »