From the time most woman are little girls they dream of meeting their Prince charming.  This dream ultimately leads to thinking of their Wedding Day and that “oh so important Wedding Dress”.  First the bride to be, will have to figure out what kind of dress she likes, then hunt for that particular store that sales that perfect dress.  Now let the fun begin! The Bride is likely to change her mind several times about the dress before she narrows down her choices “what to do”.  There may be at least four or five dresses that that have made it to that final cut.  How does she choose?  That final choice may be one of the hardest things she’ll ever have to endure because this dress can be a defining moment in her life.  Considering all of the choices that she has to make for this day, from what will be served at the rehearsal dinner to the types of flowers that will be in the wedding, the dress is going to be most important decision that she will make for that special day!

The Bride has finally made her decision and picked her beautiful Wedding Dress.  Now, the fitting nightmares begin!  She may have gained or lost a few pounds since her initial fitting and the dress must be taken in or let out, uh what a pain! But, this has to be done for that perfect Wedding Dress.  Now the dress is finally ready and by the time that all has been said and done she or parents have paid at least $3,500.00 if not more for that prefect dress.  The bride to be must now accessorize her dress so that she can be that fairytale bride that she dreamed of so long ago.  By accessorizing, I mean her make-up, her hairdo, the jewelry, etc. All of this makes a Bride beautiful for that Perfect Wedding Dress.  Her special day has finally arrived, all of the Brides headaches and choices come together to make a special and memorable day for she and her Groom.   As the Bride makes her grand entrance to her chosen venue everyone sees that “Perfect Wedding Dress” for the very first time and it is then that she relaxes and realizes that all of her aggravation was worth it.  Now she in her “Perfect Wedding Dress” can enjoy her Perfect Wedding Day!

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