~~ December 2017 ~~

Ms. Judy did an amazing job on short notice with helping organize the party.  Caroline and Justin were great help all party long as well… N.O…12/16/17

Everything was great .M.R…12/16/17


~~November 2017 ~~

The place is really nice; fun and entertaining.  The kids really enjoyed themselves…J.G…11/11/17

Everything ran smoothly & without interruption.  Julia did an excellent job with our crazy crew.. A.L..11/11/17

Great time…the boys really liked it!!…C.P…11/11/17

Great time for all..C.P…11/18/17

Party package was perfect for our group. Place was very clean.  Host was extremely helpful.  Ahead of time we had excellent communication with regards to preplanning.  We will do this again for sure! … M.M. 11/19/17

I loved the place…V.W…11/18/17

Thank you so much…Everything was amazing!!…P.P…11/25/17

~~ October 2017 ~~

Very friendly staff…J.S. 10/6/17

Great party as always..A.E. 10/17/17

Best Party Experience we’ve ever had. This is my third child & we’ve never had such a cool party experience. Great service. Happy Kids = Happy Parents. Well Done. We’ll be back! J.K. 10/14/17

They were very friendly and professional hosts. Thank you so much! Great Job!!…G.B. 10/14/17

Outstanding!!!…J.J, 10/21/17

Great People. Awesome Party and will recommend…A.M..10/27/17

Great time, good service & flexible arrangements..H.N…10/28/17

Staff was very accommodating- we were able to switch from Bouncey to Trampoline-Kids were to big for Bouncey House Side – Everyone was awesome!!!!….R.D….10/29/17

~~ September 2017 ~~

Kids enjoyed. Will definitely come back. Loved the party! ~~ SD 9-2-17

Party was great overall! ~~ P 9-2-17

 Thank you! ~~ CD 9-9-17

Beth and Jessica were very nice and helpful. They were very attentive and super sweet. ~~ AN 9-17-17

  I’ve had my kids birthday parties here before and we always have a great time. The hostesses are very polite and always helpful. ~~ GH 9-23-17

~~ August 2017 ~~

Kids had a blast! ~~ T.H. 8/6/2017

Hosts were great, very friendly and accommodating. Thank You! ~~ D.P. 8/6/2017

Great service! ~~ B.P. 8/12/2017

BL 8-27-17: Destiny & Anthony were great!


 ~~ July 2017 ~~

Very relaxed. Great help and lots of fun! ~~ A.R. 7/1/2017

Everything was Awesome; my family will definitely be coming back! ~~S.S. 7/1/2017

Very good and helpful! ~~ A.H. 7/8/2017

Both our hostesses went above and beyond to make our party exceptional. Thanks Guys! ~~ K.P. 7/29/2017

My host did a great job! ~~ K.B. 7/29/2017

~~ June 2017 ~~

Hosts were so nice! ~~ K. G. 6/10/2017

Great Job All! Judy was very helpful. ~~ L. D. 6/11/2017

Great time! Thanks so much! ~~ E.B. 6/11/2017

The hostess was very professional and polite. She smiled the whole time and our party was very large. ~~ B. S. 6/11/2017

Everyone was very helpful. Anthony and Caleb were great! Judy was very professional. Would definitely have our next party here! ~~ G. & K. M. 6/17/2017

The two guys were Awesome! Thank You! ~~ G.S.  6/25/2017

~~ May 2017 ~~

We loved having our party there and the hostesses were amazing! ~~ D.K. 5/12/2017

Great Job!! You were incredible!! ~~ K.H. 5/20/2017

~April 2017~

Great party as always! ~~ A.D. 4/07/17

Kids had a great time! ~~A.B. 4/07/17


~~ March 2017 ~~

Hostesses were great and friendly throughout the party. Thanks for an Awesome time! ~~ S. P. 3/11/17

SP 3-11-17: Great, friendly hostesses throughout the party. Thanks for the awesome time!

~March 2017~

Everyone had a fantastic time ~~ S.P. 3/18/17

Justin and Anthony were awesome ~~ A.F. 3/04/17

~February 2017~

Awesome, thank you. ~~ J.J. 2/18/2017

We were absolutely thrilled. It could not have been better. ~~ R. M. 2/18/17

The children had a blast!! ~~ I.B. 2/18/17

~January 2017~

Great Party? Thank you! ~~ L.B. 1/28/17

Great service, worked well with me, polite, and professional. ~~A.D. 1/28/17

Deborah was very helpful, resourceful, and quick thinking!! ~~J.C. 1/15/217

Both servers were very friendly and helpful ~~ T.S. 1/14/17

Hostess were very kind. ~~ G.S. 1/13/17

 ~November 2016~

Great Space and fun party! ~~ M.B. 11/26/16

Had a wonderful time! ~~ J.M. 11/18/16

All was good!  ~~ C.P. 11/13/16

Everything was wonderful~~ D.H, 11/13/16

Everything was great! ~~K.M.11/12/16

The host & hostess wer outstanding! From the party room to the field everyone had a great time and it was very well organized and run! Thanks a bunch!! ~~M.B. 11/5/16

~October 2016~

Thank you for a great party! D.K. 10/9/16

Had previous party here! Had fun! A.M. 10/22/16

~July 2016~ 

Lots of fun! ~~M.S. 7/23/16

The hostesses were very friendly and great with the kids.  The facilities were in order and the time was organized.  The kids a good time. ~~F.R. 7/16/16

Staff was so friendly and very good with the kids.  Party was amazing! Thanks Freestate!!~~J.H. 7/9/16

Had a great time! ~~ T.J. 7/9/16

Hostesses were patient, friendly and extremely helpful with the kids!~~ T.L. 7/9/16

Great time! ~~ T.T. 7/3/16

The kids loved the waterpark!  The experience is great and we will be back. ~~G.H.  7/2/16

Everything was great, thanks!~~M.B. 7/2/16 

~June 2016~ 

My hosts were really attevtive! Great Service!! ~~6/25/16

Good Job! ~~6/18/16

Great party and staff was very helpful!! Thank you!~~ A.T. 6/18/16

Kids had agreat time! ~~ L.B. 6/12/16

Hostesses did a wonderful job with the children! ~~J.S. 6/11/16

Staff was helpful and engaging, fields were great!!~~ A.G. 6/11/16

Everything was perfect ~~ S.D. 6/11/16

Staff was great all of the kids had fun! ~~K.W. 6/4/16

Kids had a great time! ~~ S.M. 6/4/16

~May 2016~

Great experience! ~~S.A. 5/21/16

Awesome Party! The hostesses were great. ~~ H.A. 5/13/16

Had a great time! ~~J.L. 5/7/16

~April 2016~

We’ve had several parties here in the past and all of them were great!~~ E.H. 4/30/16

Great place for a party.  Hostess were awesome! Super friendly staff!  Thanks for another great party!~~N.D. 4/23/15

Everything went great!! The hosts and hostess were very attentive and helpful!~~ J.D. 4/23/16

Had a really good time! ~~ K.D. 4/17/16

We’ve had previous parties here and we love it!  ~~ S.D. 4/17/16

My son had a blast for his soccer party! ~~ S.V. 4/16/16

Funtimes!  ~~ B.D. 4/16/16

I liked the fact that the staff had a sign specifically for my son and helped put our things in our car! ~~ C.S. 4/15/16

 Nice Party! ~~ T.N. 4/15/16

Great time, thank you! ~~ C.H. 4/10/16

We had so much FUN!!~~A.C. 4/10/16

Everything was awesome!  Kids had a blast! ~~J.N. 4/9/16

The Birthday girl had a ball! Great Place!!~~C.D. 4/9/16

~March 2016~ 

Good Service! ~~C.T. 3/26/16

So much fun to be had by all!  Everyone was very attentive!  Thanks Freestate we’ll be back! ~~ P.B. 3/20/16

We got our money’s worth!  Everything was great.  See you next year! ~~S.D. 3/19/16

We will definitely be coming again! ~~ T.R. 3/13/16

Everyone had fun! ~~ L.J. 3/12/16

Very relaxed atomosphere…kids had a great time! ~~L.L. 3/12/16

It was a great party! Service was good.~~J.M. 3/5/16

     Thank you for making our event so special. The girls were great!  We will definitely do this again! ~~N.H. 3/5/16

~February 2016~

We had a big party and the accomodations were great! We will be back next year! G.C. 2/28/16

My son & his friends had a great time! ~ S.N. 2/28/16

The host & hostess were very attentive and engaging with the kids! ~D.S.  2/27/16

The kids & adults all had fun~ P.H. 2/20/16

Kids had a blast! ~ 2/8/16

Host & Hostess were great! ~ 2/7/16

We had a blast here and it was great! ~ R.R. 2/7/16

Had a good time~ C.M. 2/6/16

I was so very happy with the total experience.  aaron was so nice, Skyler was extremely helpful fullfilling all of my requests.  Nicole has excellenct customer service and is extrememly patient on the phone and in person and very professional!  good customer service is rare anymore so we oh so appreciate you all!  We will keep coming back! ~ U.B. 2/6/16


~January 2016~

Kids had a blast. Pictures great idea! ~ S.C. 1/31/16

It was an assume party. Everyone was very helpful and organized. We really enjoyed the experience. ~ E.C. 1/30/16

Everyone had agreat time! Thank you, you guyys were wonderful! ~ M.C. 1/30/16

It was a good time! ~ R.H. ~ 1/17/16

The kids played so hard and had so much fun! ~ C.L. 1/17/16

My son comes here for everything! ~ R.B. 1/17/16

Everything went well! ~ S.M. 1/17/16

I really love it here!! ~ N.R. 1/10/16

Kids really enjoyed themselves! ~ M.T. 1/10/16

Everyone was friendly and attentive! ~ T.B. 1/10/16

Awesome! ~ J.B. 1/9/16

Everything was great! ~ D.A. 1/9/16

The kids all had a great time! good Job! Thanks! ~E.M. 1/9/16

It was a fun time! ~ R.D. 1/2/16


 ~December 2015~

Had Fun! ~ A.T. 12/19/15

We’ll be back! ~ C.G. 12/13/15

Very accomodating & friendly Staff! The kids had a ball and there was good variety of activities for all ages. Thank you! ~ S.W. 12/11/15

Close to home and no hassle at all! ~ R.W. 12/13/15

Good Times! ~ B.S. 12/12/15

We all had the best time ever, this was our second party here! ~ M.P. 12/13/15

The kids had a blast! ~ K.A. 12/6/15

Will be coming back again next year! ~ D.M. 12/6/15

Overall good party! ~ A.G. 12/6/15

The kids had a gereat time! Jacob & Sarah were fantastic.  They even played with the little kids.  Wonderful Experience!  ~ K.R. 12/5/15

It was a great experience. ~ A.S. 12/4/15

Great Party! Well done! ~ K.R. 12/4/15

The kids had a nice time!  J.G. 12/2/15


~November 2015~

Had a good time! ~ M.K.  11/29/15

Everything was great! ~ H.S. 11/29/16

Great time! Very well organized! ~ N.P. 11/29/15

Excellent Service ~ helpers were great! Great fun!~~ T.D. 11/15/15

        Thank You, we had fun! ~~ S.K. 11/15/15

                          Kids had fun! ~~ A.M. 11/15/15

                                                                            My son had the best time ever! ~~ R.P. 11/14/15

                                                       Great Party! ~~ C.T. 11/14/15

Everyone did a great job. The kids were very happy!~~ T.C. 11/8/15

The staff was great and very polite.  My son really enjoyed his experience and would love to comeback! C.C.~~ 11/8/15



~October 2015~

Everyone had fun! ~~ L.G. 10/25/15

We are repeat customers  and we had a good time.~~C.R. 10/25/15

It was great! ~~ K.P. 10/24/15

The kids had a blast, they talked about it all weekend! ~~ D.O. 10/24/15

Great facility and fun! ~~ T.T. 10/23/15

Very Fun!!  ~~ B.H. 10/17/15

We had so much fun, thank you! ~~ T.A. 10/17/15

We’ve had parties here previously and this kids had a great time!~~ D.W. 10/16/15

Had a wonderful time! ~~ C.V. 10/11/15

Kids had a fun time! ~~S.W. 10/10/15

The staff was wonderful and very helpful.~~L.E. 10/04/15

It was great that the staff played with the kids. ~~S.M. 10/03/15

Great Service! ~~K.C. 10/3/15



 ~September 2015~

Everything was great! Thanks you! ~~B.B.  9/19/15

Very helpful, thanks! ~~ J.H. 9/12/15

Everyone did an amazing job!  Thank you for making the Birthday Boy’s day a blast! ~~ B.S. 9/12/15

Staff was very nice and helpful.  They did very well!  ~~ R.P. 9/6/15

The staff were very kind and performed their duties very well. ~~ R.J. 9-/6/15



~August 2015~

The Birthday Boy Absolutely Loved it!  ~~ S.S. 8/29/15

Good Party! ~~ T.B. 8/23/15


Water Park was a blast ~~ C.H. 8/22/15

Party was awesome!  Kids had an absolute blast!  ~~8/22/15

Party Went Great!  ~~ T.C.  8/22/15

The host may my party a very easy experience ~~ S.K. 8/15/15

Well run Birthday! ~~ J.B. 8/16/15

The hostesses were beyond helpful and kind!  ~~ C.L. 8/8/15

Thank you!  Really Nice!  ~~ K.K. 8/8/15

Party was amazing!!! ~~ S.C. 8/2/15

Awesome! ~~ A.R. 8/1/15



~July 2015~

The party hostesses were great and kept the kids engaged ~~ C.H. 7/31/15

Great Party !  ~~ S.M. 7/26/15

Great! ~~ N.M. 7/25/15

Awesome, Couldn’t have asked for better.  Definantly, returning.  ~~ 7/25/15

The hostesses were very professional & attentive to the guest!! My son and his friend had a blast! ~~ D.B. 7/18/15

Awesome Party!! ~~ C.O. 7/5/15



~June 2015~

Very attentive, stayed  with the children the whole time! ~~ N.W. 6/20/15

LOVE THIS PLACE!! ~~ K.L. 6/20/15

Hostess was awesome.  She was very attentive & sweet! ~~ E.R. 6/20/15

Great Party, friendly helpful staff! ~~V.M. 6/20/15

Had a good time! ~~ 6/14/15

AWESOME!!! ~~S.G.  6/13/15

Enjoyable Party! ~~ 6/13/15

Thank you! ~~ S.T. 6/7/15

Really Great Party! ~~ A.T. 6/7/15

Good Party! ~~ G.A. 6/7/15

The Party was Awesome! We’ve had  previous parties here before.  ~~ C.C. 6/6/15

Many Parties Here! ~~ M.W.  6/5/15

The girls were fantastic! ~~M.F. 6/5/15



~May 2015~

                  We had a wonderful time? Thank you so much for the great pics.  Our helpers were fabulous! ~~ D.P. 5/30/15

I was wondering if they can host my daughters Party.  I will definitely recommend Freestate for any Birthday Party! ~~ A.D. 5/31/15

Great Experience! ~~K.S. 5/23/15

Awesome Party! My son and his friends yruly enjoyed themselves!  ~~ A.D. 5/23/15

Right on point, everything turned out fine! ~~ K.M. 5/17/15

Great Party Kids Loved it! ~~ B.S. 5/16/15

Everything was very enjoyable, everyone had a great time. ~~ M.H. 5/16/15

My daughter had a great time.  The service was great! ~~ T.K. 5/9/15

Great Job!! ~~ J.V.  5/9/15

Thanks for everything!  We had a fantastic time! ~~ J.G. 5/9/15

This was a great party.  Hostesses were on top of everything, even when kids looked overheated and needed to rest/drink.  Great job! ~~ E.A. 5/2/15



~April 2015~

Kids had a great time .  We will definitely be back! — C.M. 4/25/15

Great Hostesses!! — C.W.  4/25/15

This was an amazing party, our girls were fambulous.  The pizza was great! We could not have hoped for better!  Our guest raved about the party! Thank you! — T.W. 4/19/15

Thank you! P.C. 4/19/15

Slurpee’s!! — A.R. 4/19/15

Our group had an awesome time. Thank You! — C.Y. 4/18/15

Thanks for dealing with the chaos! –R.F. 4/18/15

Very nice girls were great!! — 4/18/15

Party went very smooth.  Hostesses were very good.  Thank you! — B.C.  4/17/15

Awesome Party! — M.D. 4/12/15

We do sports here on saturday’s and the pic’s are an awesome idea!  — J.A. 4/11/15

Previous Party here. Great Fun! — E.S.  4/11/15

Thank you! — T.M. 4/10/15

Thanks for the great service! — S.M. 4/4/15

Clean envitronment & attentive. — A.L. 4/4/15



~March 2015~

Everyone was nice! We will be back next year! –F.Z. 3/7/15

Had a nice time! — S.H. 3/7/15

Everything was good and ran very well.  All of the kids enjoyed all of the activities and fun! E.J. — 3/8/15

Everything was awesome! — L.R.  3/14/15


Had a great time! Thought the helpers did a great job! — K.W. 3/14/15

Hosts were great, friendly & accomodating! — J.K. 3/14/15

All of my guest enjoyed themselves! — S.L. 3/21/15

We play here…had a good time! — J.K. 3/22/15

Liked that the hostess took pictures! — P.K. 3/22/15

The kids loved the idea of bouncing then enjoying soccer time! Great facility and lots of happy people! — K.W. 3/28/15

We come here all of the time! — A.R. 3/28/15

We’ve had several parties here and keep coming back!  — C.P.  3/29/15



~February 2015~

The kids had a great time!  — E.K.  2/7/15

We had an awesome time and the hostess were great! — J.K. 2/8/15

Very accomodaing and friendly! —  T.C.  2/15/15

Funtime had by all!!!!! — L.V.  2/15/15

Can’t wait until next year! — A.G.  2/15/15

The party hostesses played with the kids and it added an extra touch … thank you! — L.G.  2/22/15


~January 2015~

Great Party! Thank you! — A.R. 1/3/15

“Thank you ~ you did such a great job! — Y. H. 1/3/15

“Outstanding Service!” — J.K. 1 4/15

“My son had an awesome time!  Thanks to you and your staff for all of your help!  — M.H. 1/4/15

” Thanks for helping us have a good time! — D.H. 1/24/15

“It was a very nice time, everyone was very friendly and helpful! — J.P. 1/24/15

“Awesome venue & great hostesses! — L.B. 1/25/15

“Very enjoyable for kids! Great time for all and staff very pleasant!” — 1/25/15

“Very well organized” — S.B. 1/25/15

“We had a great experience.  Everyone was friendly and accomodatin.  I’m very impressed!” — E.E. 1/25/15

“It was very nice and I really enjoyed it” — W.D. 1/25/15