NFL Draft 2017

From April 22nd-29th, 2017, many deserving athletes’ dreams became reality.

The NFL Draft is a significant time for athletes everywhere, but most importantly, for those at the collegiate level. These young men have dedicated most of their young lives to be able to stand at the podium, and be inducted into a professional franchise. The 2017 NFL Draft was of the most notable, because there was an overwhelming amount of talent being inducted into the league.

Across the nation, NFL fans tuned in to see their favorite players get chosen by their favorite teams. The hometowns of those drafted were even shown celebrating live. The nights that oversee the draft were filled with excitement, hope, and overall emotion.

Many of the athletes drafted had emotional testimonies of their own.

James Conner, a football player from The University of Pittsburgh, was among those with an emotional story. Conner, a Pittsburgh-native, is not only an honorable student-athlete, but also a cancer survivor. Even before the draft, he was a hometown-hero.

Now, after getting drafted to his favorite team, the Steelers, Conner is a national hero. His story had many in tears- even those who did not know him personally.

This was a common theme of the 2017 NFL Draft. While obviously commending these men for their athletic skills, the NFL paid homage to their upcoming, their trials and tribulations, and ultimately, their testimony. The Draft was made to be particularly special not because of the record-breaking viewer count, but because of those who made it worth watching.