Growing Pains of Womanhood

Becoming a woman of influence is a critical part of growing up. Even more, it becomes intensively important when one decides to have a family. More often than not, woman are pressured to uphold a higher standard of living, but not men. Despite what society has to say and ignoring the critics with testosterone, woman are the bread and water of life. Not only are they the creators of life, but are now becoming today’s bread winners. Nowadays, It is more common to find most woman in the household making more money than their spouse. For this reason, woman are required to give their all, with very little help or support. Not enough credit is given to today’s queens and everyday super heroes. From having the ability to multitask, to taking care of an entire household on your own; we salute you. The battles of life are always given to the strongest warriors.

By Whitney Watkins