How to Battle the Summer Camp Blues

It’s that time of year again. Fresh, blooming flowers… bonfires and cookouts galore… But why is it that amongst this warm, summer heat, us parents still feel a sense of the sad, December chills? The answer is two words: summer camp. Now, let me backtrack and mention that I’m specifically referring to the newbie parents. […] Read more »

Reality TV is Affecting Our Reality

As I scroll through my Snapchat during my break at work, I cannot help but to watch Kylie Jenner’s snap story. Not so much for the pictures of her freshly, delivered pizza or her new nail color- because that’s not out of the ordinary for anyone. Instead I’m intrigued by the lavish cars, designer clothes, […] Read more »

NFL Draft 2017

From April 22nd-29th, 2017, many deserving athletes’ dreams became reality. The NFL Draft is a significant time for athletes everywhere, but most importantly, for those at the collegiate level. These young men have dedicated most of their young lives to be able to stand at the podium, and be inducted into a professional franchise. The 2017 NFL […] Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Freshman Year in College?

Asher Roth’s I Love College is more than just a catchy-tune that placed on Billboard’s Top 100. It’s the anthem for many college students, because… well, you gotta listen to the song. But besides the partying, attending football tailgates, and meeting new people aspect- college is hard. Words cannot describe what it’s like to pack […] Read more »


Is it even prom season if your Facebook feed isn’t drowned in prom photos? Doubtful. Ahh, prom. Many of us remember ours as if it was yesterday. That’s because it is a staple moment in our life; a transition from adolescence to adulthood. For many, prom was their second big event- first being their wedding. […] Read more »

Millenials & Obesity

When I was your age… …is a phrase said too often nowadays. It is more coined around the judgement towards millennials, and how different their generation is from ones prior. A big difference between millennials and previous generations is their level of activity- or lack thereof. Millennials grew up around technology. Rather than an actual […] Read more »

Getting in Shape for the Summer 2.0

Does the thought of running make you cringe? What about exercise videos like Insanity– does that give you a headache? If you said yes, then congrats. You’re like majority of Americans. But what if I told you that there was a way to exercise without ever touching a treadmill? That you never have to feel […] Read more »

Healthy Eating: Making it a Habit and Fighting Cravings

Oh, boy- it’s that time of year again. Everyone starts to switch out their oversized sweaters and puffy jackets, for sleeveless tops and shorts. Why is, though, that many find themselves hesitant for this exchange? Let’s think back to Thanksgiving, shall we? It’s days like this that have us seriously regretting that second helping of […] Read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Did you know that here in the U.S. this disease is the second leading cause of death in women. There are over 230,000 new diagnosis each year in which 40,000 or more women will die from this disease. Which means that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed […] Read more »

It’s Football Time!

We are now in the midst of the Football season.  Fans across America are glued to their televisions watching the sport or participating in the game one way or the other.  Either way we are extremely involved!  This fascinating game has evolved several times since yesteryear.  Then Football was a rougher sport than now.  Don’t […] Read more »