Hurricane Season

Although hurricane season can be a disaster for many families, there are ways to prepare ahead of time for survival. When a hurricane strikes, you will not have access to any of the items that you will need to survive. This is why it is critical to prepare a few months ahead of time for the disaster. When this is done, you have a good chance of survival/escaping during the “storm”.  Emergency kits should combine basic staples (food, water) with supplies reflecting your family’s unique needs, such medications or baby formula. As a tip, make sure to put your electronics into something waterproof. Freegrace Waterproof Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bags is one great option and comes with double zip lock seals to extra protect your things if they get submerged underwater.  Not only is it important to have tangible survival items, it is even more crucial to have an evacuation plan. You must develop a successful way of escape. Having packed all your goods in backpacks, you must keep your family close to each other. Remind everyone the importance of sticking together and develop a mutual meeting location if someone gets lost. Before hurricane season arrives again, be sure to review your insurance policy to assure you and your family are covered in the event a disaster strikes. This too should be done months ahead of time.


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